Marine universal switch panel "kit" 220x140mm

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Complete set with switch panel, 2 - 6 IP66/68 rocker switches for marine use, USB charger IP64 or 3 way switch.

We also design custom panels for our customers, please contact us for quote!

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Whats included:

  • Laser engraved and cut switch panel made of heavy duty industrial plastic laminate.
  • High quality waterproof rocker switches from Carling technologies USA.

on/off, IP66/68, 2 - 6 switches

  • 5 Stainless screws/nuts.
  • Blank covers (if you choose less than 6 switches)


Location 7 can be equipped with USB charger IP64 or 3 way switch, for example bow thrust.

USB charger is not comparable with cheaper Chinese chargers, charger has high output and is capable of charging

2 units simultaneously while they are on. Tested in extreme environments according to Mil-Std 202G, Method 106G, Method 101E.

The kit can also be delivered without a 7th option, instead there is a blank cover.


This is a universal switch panel, 220x140mm WxH. We also design custom panels, contact us for quote!

Switches and USB charger is tested in extreme environments according to:

Mil-Std 202G, Method 106G, Method 101E. See datasheet.

Mil-Std 202F, Method 101D, TestCondition A, 96 Hrs. See datasheet.


You choose your own text for each switch by typing it below in the custom text form, remember to hit save button.

Example: 1, BILGE PUMP 2, LANTERN 3, AUX 1.

Optimal is 5 (max 6) character per row and max 2 rows per switch.

We will adjust text size if you use to long words!

Switch Layout:




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